I will call the glazier tomorrow for new windows

I will call up the best in the business. By that I do not mean Mirran, the local singer and dancer, though he is the best at his own business. I do in fact mean that I will call up the double glazed windows Canberra for the best windows this side of the Elgin. I will call them up tomorrow to see if they can personally do the windows on my personal chambers, where my wife and I sleep. She is now the lady of Con Vardis as I am now the lord. I never thought this would happen so soon, but I’m glad it has. I love my new job, and I love serving my people. I get so nervous whenever I start my day, because I have so much to do, but I’m so stoked about it all. I love every bit of it, in a heart pounding kind of way. I’m always so brave when my wife is there too, lady Melissa Eldren, nee Lanson. We will often be in meeting, my council and I, until late into the evening, and so I don’t want my wife to have trouble sleeping when we are talking. I will call up the double glazing Canberra company tomorrow to get them to fit in thick, sound dampening windows for my house, and my wife will thank me later for it. It also means that we can make as much noise as we like, and the council can’t hear either. The people are here an I’m so excited for my new windows. I've never seen these type of windows Canberra before; double glazed, so it’s a real treat for both my wife and I. I love her so much. I loved her from the moment I spotted her, on the balcony of her house in Loranson, where she was the only child of Michael Lanson, the Lord of Loranson, the Desert City.

I will find my brother, and bond

I need to bond with my brother. That is why I am giving up my one life, and my lease on this house that I rent here. I will be moving to the Western Isles. I’m not sure where yet, I’ll figure it out soon. I need to find my brother so that I can apologise for how I’ve ben acting these past 15 years. It won’t be easy, but since I’ve been looking for him for the past 15 years, I’ve has plenty of practice. I’ll be getting rid of the place I’m in now then, so I’ll be able to get my bond back, and help pay for a light over to the Western Isles. I’ll need to call up bond cleaning Perth first, so that they can give me the all clear with my landlord, and he can get me the money. I really do need it, like I said, otherwise I would give you some change. I don’t know how that vacate cleaning Perth crew keeps everything so beautiful, and pristine, and like new again. It’s like they just put that beautiful fresh scented tree in the middle of every room. It’s really quite something. I honestly think that it looks and feels so amazing. I'm in their debt; not a money debt, since I paid them, but a debt of gratitude. I really want to make it up to them, so I will try my best to make a go of it with my brother. I will try not to fight, and I will try not to make fun of him. I guess we are like the best friends that don’t see each other that often. You still feel something, some sort of connection, but you won’t admit to ourselves that perhaps it has gone. I will try and contemplate it when the end of lease cleaning Perth crew do the sides of the house, and I watch.

Birthday beauty love

I woke up to my friends yelling my name. I had barely slept and was feeling rather grumpy. I walked to the living room and all my friends jumped out and yelled “Happy Birthday”. I was shocked and couldn’t help but smile. My birthday wasn’t for another three weeks but my friends wanted to surprise me. I am notoriously difficult to surprise, I usually know what everyone is planning before they do. I had been having a tough year and my friend must have known I needed something to distract me from all that was going on. I had been fired from my job a month ago for showing up late. To make matters worse my boyfriend broke up with me the same week. I suspect he was using me for money so I guess it’s good that he’s gone now. I still miss him sometimes but I know it’s for the best. I quickly got ready while my friends waited. I stepped outside and saw an amazing stretch limo! I was shocked, my friend had called limo hire Melbourne and gotten the biggest car they had. We spent the afternoon cruising around and singing karaoke in the back of the limousines Melbourne car. I thought our day was coming to end when they gave me my second surprise. We were going to beauty salon Perth, my favourite beauty spot for an afternoon of pampering. I desperately wanted a facial, I had been craving one for days, they always relax me. The stretch limo hire Melbourne car pulled up to destination and all the girls piled out. We knew this place well, we had all been coming here for years. Facials Perth had the best beauty treatments in the city, everyone knew that. I was feeling a bit adventurous so I had a look at some of the other services they offered. I settled on getting their waxing, they really did that the best hair removal Perth had to offer. I was so excited to spend the day with my friends. We went out that night on the town and drank pink cocktails. I forgot all my troubles and was just super happy that I had such amazing friends caring for me. I know how much they spent to hire all those things and I couldn’t love them more if I tried. This is going to a birthday I remember.

Carpets cleaned to welcome guests

I had decided I wanted a companion in my life, someone to stick by me and keep me company. I did not want a person, I just wanted a pet. I wanted to get a cat so I went to the local pet shelter and bought a kitten. I was very excited to have her at home and completely forgot about all the annoying things that come with getting a new young pet. As soon as I put her down on the carpet she started to urinate so I immediately picked her up and ran her over to the tiles. There was a trail of cat pee through the lounge and I wondered why I didn’t think of this before. My entire house is carpeted. The only places with tiles are the bathroom and the kitchen. I decided she would have to live in the bathroom while I toilet trained her. Over the next week the toilet training went well, there were accidents here and there but nothing major. When I got a phone call from one of my girlfriends saying she would be dropping by on the weekend I decided I needed to get someone in to clean the carpets. I called Tile and Grout Cleaners Adelaide and asked them when their next available appointment was. I also asked them if they did anything special to combat the smell of animal urine used a special solution to lift the urine out of the carpet and neutralize the smell. I was very pleased to hear that and arranged for Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide to come in before the weekend. The Carpet Cleaner Adelaide got rid of each individual stain and the smell of cat urine no longer existed in my home. It felt lovely knowing the carpet was clean enough for me to roll around on. I just had to clean the bathroom and then the place would be more than ready to accommodate for guests.

Launch security

My aunty was an artist who was rapidly gaining a reputation in the art world. She had sold many sculptures and paintings and had decided to open her own gallery. She was very excited and asked me if I’d like to help plan the launch. She wanted it to be a big event, with catering and security. She wanted a lot of publicity and to spread her name through the local area. She didn’t just want other artists to know who she was, she wanted everyone to know who she was! I asked her what she would like me to organise and the first thing she said was security. I asked her why she needed security for an art gallery and she told me that her work was very valuable. Stealing art is an easy way to make a massive profit and happens a lot more than anyone ever hears about. She emphasised the importance of having a professional security team at her launch. I jumped on the phone to a Security Company Perth and asked them about their services. I told the man on the phone about the event my aunty was holding and if they had experience with that sought of thing. They told me they did a lot of Event Security Perth and named a few. Some of the events were massive and some just small local events. It seemed like they had the experience to handle any type of situation and had a very professional attitude. I arranged to have a team of three Security Guards Perth present at my aunt’s launch. I spoke with my aunty and told her what I had organised. She was very happy with me and gave me some more things to take care of for the launch. She was so impressed she offered me a job at her new gallery!

You get an air conditioning, I get an air conditioning service

My neighbour, Steven was a funny old man. He was from Serbia and was often seen walking around the street in his boxer briefs. He was friendly enough, although all the ladies in the vicinity thought he was someone to keep away from. He apparently made it very well known that he was recently divorced. Nevertheless he seemed nice to me, always gave me a wave and a smile. I think it was just cultural differences that gave people the wrong impression. So what if he liked to get around in his underwear. I started to notice he was having a bit of a competition with the man who lived across the road, Bob. It was the sort of thing where if Bob did any sort of home improvements or renovations to his unit, Steven would do the same - but try to be more impressive. Last week I saw an Air Conditioning Melbourne van pull up in Bob’s driveway. I giggled to myself as I thought of what Steven might do in reply. It seemed as though Bob had just got a new air conditioning unit, which was confirmed when he walked to his fence and yelled out to Steven how great it was, latest technology apparently. I could tell Steven was furious. The entire afternoon I could hear him slamming doors and throwing things around. That afternoon I heard Steven on the phone to a man about Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne. Steven had an old unit in his lounge room that had given up working about a year ago. I heard him arranging for the men to give him an Air Conditioning Service Melbourne the following afternoon. I literally fell on the couch laughing. I thought their games were ridiculous, definitely entertaining, but ridiculous all the same.