I will not sleep until the accessories are mine

I am so close to getting to that final 25th aluminium accessory. It will be an auspicious day when that happens, and I don’t want to cry, but I just know that I will. I cry at the drop of a hat, and I know that this will be one of those hat dropping moments. There is no literal hat, but I like to think that there could be if we really wished for it. I have no idea what I’m talking about;l I’ve been awake for more than 30 hours now, and I can’t see past my own eyes, and I can’t think for the dreams playing in my head. I want some REM sleep, and how! I have been searching for the aluminium accessories since before I could talk. I had a disability and couldn’t speak until I was almost 10 years old. By that time I had already found my calling in life, I just didn’t know it yet. I was already searching for the lost city of Atlantis, and the old treasure that was buried in my backyard, just like dad said .I was a real explorer, and a pioneer. I loved to find new things, and go on new adventures. that’s when I found the aluminium toolboxes. They were sitting there in this huge box in dad’s garage, and I didn’t even give them a second look for my entire childhood. It wasn’t until I turned 21 and moved out of home that I began to get fascinated by the whole house. You never explore your own home, so when I left that home, I was free to explore it, and explore I did. I went for miles searching through the forests outside, and scrounging on the ground for some more aluminium toolboxes Melbourne. Once I’d found one I ran to father and told him the whole story. This was the beginning.

We just had an Elkan Maru wedding

We have just witnessed the happy union of Matthew Kreuz and Samantha Jaeser, two of the happiest people I know, and now two people married for the least amount of time. It’s been 27 hours and counting. I know that they’ll be happy because the music swells in my heart whenever I see them together. I need to get back to the ship, and see how many blue wedding invitations we have left, and how I can get rid of them. I’ll see if I can unload a few when we are searching for a new security officer and pilot. Jeremy Davis, the young copilot under Sam can take over piloting duties; and she herself praised him very highly. I’ve seen him work and he is more than capable of the task. We do need a new copilot then. A friend of mine; Thomas Highland is in the area, and said that he would know of a few young copilots. Normally I would go to SSAEFS, but it’s more than 34 parsecs form here. We’ll head off to the Rohedra Hub, catch up with Tom, drop some unique wedding invitations, and see if we can’t find a copilot. We’ve had a few people come in, and do some tests and an interview. I think we’ve made our decision though; we are going to go with Jamie Chambers. Jamie is the greatest young pilot I’ve ever seen. His hand eye coordination is off the charts, and his intelligence is greater than most. I would be proud to have him come on board the Elkan Maru. I wonder if he is as good a wedding invitations salesman as he is a pilot. I hope so. I also hope that he gets along with Jeremy. That kid can do some moves, but Jeremy is brilliant.

We have the best luck with pool fences

We have the very best luck when it comes to buying things to do with the house especially when it comes to buying things to do with the pool. I am so lucky that my friends have even started calling me lucky. I want it do so many things that I can’t stand around talking to you about how lucky I am when it comes to this sort of thing. You’ll just have to follow me tomorrow when I go to pick up the pool stuff at the local pool store, then we need to call in at the pool fencing Melbourne company to see what we can do about this new pool and how the new fence will look around it. I want it go with a classy black design, but the wife says that we should get an even classier glass design. I have a funny feeling that she only said glass because it rhymes with class. I believe her, and I think that the glass is an even better idea. See? Where are making progress already. We have a better idea and it’s noyl 20 seconds into it. I love this game. The new glass pool fencing Melbourne is about to be installed, once we get it all organised with Paul. He is the landlord of our house, and it’s his say as to whether we can get a pool fence. Since we already have the pool, I think it’s in his best interest to have a fence around it. Gods forbid if anything should happen to a child in the poll and the courts find out later that Paul wouldn’t let us put up a safety fence, he could get royally sued. I don’t want that to happen, so I told him that scenario. He said yeah right away. I’m so happy that I have such good luck with these sorts of thing. This is going to be good yeah for the Metzler family, I think I love the glass pool fence Melbourne now that it’s finally installed.